A Crazy Group of Friends


“A few days later, when Jesus again entered Capernaum, the people heard that He had come. They gathered in such large numbers that there was no room left, not even outside the door, and He preached the word to them. Some men came, bringing to him a paralyzed man, carried by four of them. Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus by digging through it and then lowered the mat the man was lying on. When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralyzed man, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” 

Now some of the teachers of the law were sitting there, thinking to themselves, “Why does this fellow talk like that? He’s blaspheming! Who can forgive sins but God alone?”

Immediately Jesus knew in His spirit that this was what they were thinking in their hearts, and He said to them, “Why are you thinking these things? Which is easier: to say to this paralyzed man, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up, take your mat and walk’? But I want  you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.” So He said to the man, “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.” He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed everyone and they praised God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this!”

Mark 2:1-12

What a crazy group of friends! They saw a need … they wanted their friend to be able to walk. They knew who to go to … Jesus. And they were bold enough to do so.

You see, Jesus had been turning heads and hearts a lot … people were starting to talk and notice just what He was up to and they followed Him around in masses. But that didn’t stop these friends. They climbed up on that ladder or stairs, pulled back part of the roof and lowered their friend down to the one they had heard so much about. I imagine they had some mighty big plans as to what they were going to do when their friend walked out of that house. No doubt, when you have boldness big enough to lower your friend through a roof, you fully imagine your friend will be walking out of that room.

But Jesus imagined something else … something that we should hold in our heart.

He shocked those friends when He said, “your sins are forgiven.” “WHAT? But it’s his legs … they don’t work … we want those to be fixed.”

They wanted one thing … but while Jesus had their attention (and ours), He was going to show them what they needed. It’s not the physical healing that God is primarily concerned with … it’s the healing of our heart that He wants to take care of first. And He did. He forgave him of His sins … we need that kind of forgiveness. But just like Jesus, He healed the young friend’s legs and he walked out. And the testimony of what the Lord did that day walks through our hearts still today.

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  • When did you feel the “need of forgiveness” filled in your life?


  • Who has been a “mat lowering” friend to you? What did that look like?


  • Take a moment. Who is in physical need in your life right now? How can your faith in Jesus help them with what they need … spiritually and physically?