Have you ever watched an animated movie with a child? No matter how many times they’ve seen tragedy turn into triumph in the lives of fairytale characters, young children still fear things will not work out for the hero. When they see Woody being pushed toward a flaming trash heap, they forget WHO wrote the story. Parents with confidence can say, “it’s okay, they’re going to make it!” They know heroes aren’t defeated when Disney writes the story. WE TOO CAN SAY WITH CONFIDENCE “IT’S OKAY” IF WE REMEMBER WHO IS WRITING OUR STORY AND THE STORY OF THE WORLD.


At camp, you will hear the phrase, God writes some amazing stories quote often. Each of us are living in a story crafted by God Himself, meant to be shared with others … silly stories, life-changing stories, stories still in progress, all written by God, all pointing us to Him. Some are powerful narratives that take a while to unfold, while others are humorous tales that last about as long as a good cup of coffee. Yet all of these accounts shape together to tell a much bigger Story.

Stories are all around us.

  • People pay millions of dollars collectively to sit in a theater and watch a good story (anyone hear of the movie Frozen?).
  • Libraries all over the world are home to shelves and shelves of good stories.
  • The Bible is full of good stories.
  • And friend, I promise you, your very life is a good story.

So what makes a GOOD story?

A really good story, no matter the length, is comprised of five basic elements. Characters, setting, plot, conflict and resolution. (Thank you English class).



Every good story starts with establishing characters. Who are the characters in your story? You, your family, your friends, your dog Marley, people you are around and yes, God Himself. Whether the leading lady or the guy holding the door she walks through, we all have a role in this story that is ultimately about Him.



The stories all take place within unique settings … He takes us places to have these stories unfold … places like camp, faraway lands or even the grocery stores around the corner.



The plot challenges and changes you, the character. Psalm 139:16 tells us, “all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” God has penned a plot for each of our lives that ultimately reveals Himself to anyone reading.



In the beginning, God created the Earth and created man to be in relationship with Him. Sin entered the world and messed things up. Therein lies the great conflict and where all other conflict finds its root.



In light of this conflict, enter our Hero. As He wages war against sin, we learn more and more about His perfect character. We discover the Story, the GREAT Story, is less about us and more about Him. When it is all said and done, God writes some amazing stories.


At camp, we have a unique “front row” view, where we are able to watch thousands of stories unfold in front of us each year. This calendar provides a lens into some of the stories captures at camp. We value these God-crafted stories as we experience first-hand that God is love, God is devoted, God is intentional and much more. Dive into the lives of our camp family and see God’s hand write some amazing stories at this place we call T Bar M Camps.