Advice From A Coach


June Advice Header


Backstory: before Training Week this summer, a T Bar M Camps Coach Alumnus asked his fellow T Bar M friends on Facebook what advice they would give this summer’s crop of Coaches.  What followed was an incredible growing facebook feed of priceless advice and story after story from summers’ past.  We realized, not only did this advice pertain to this summer’s coaches, but if you read closely, you’ll see it pertains to us all.

Each one of us can live out these lessons learned by coaches over the years.


Love Jesus. Love Others. Listen Well. Lead those around you to look lovingly at Jesus. Lay down your life. Don’t do it on your own strength. Die to self. Love others with the love of Jesus. Make the time you spend be quality. Allow God to fill you up completely. Soak God up and pour Him out to those near you. Enjoy every minute, even work projects. Be FUAGNEM until the end. Take care of yourself, your heart and your body. Go into the season with a clean slate. Ask God to do big things with you. Show up with no preconceived notions. Be ready for God to take you to unexpected places. Spend time with God every day. Appreciate the blessing it is to be where you are. Get the maximum from every experience, every relationship. Be flexible. enjoy who you are with. Learn something new every day. Laugh every day. Pray. Be honest and be real with your peers. Don’t waste fun. Give sacrifically. Enjoy where you are. Be humble. Make it count. Be yourself, don’t try to impress others. Encourage others. Be real. Be ALL there. Let others know you care. Remember why you are there. It is hard, but it is worth it … you are showing Jesus to others. Take time to connect. Listen. Make splashes that will ripple for decades in hearts. Get dirty. Take naps. Step back, look deeply and soak in what you see. Wear Sunscreen. Enjoy meals. Love well.