An Attitude that is Contagious




Ben is a bilateral amputee, but that is not what defines him.   His coaches, his mom and his brother will say that it is his attitude and joy in life that defines him.

When you ask Ben about his attitude toward his legs, he answers quite clearly, “Well, my legs aren’t going to grow back. So why not have a good attitude about it.”

His legs won’t grow back.  My family dynamics won’t change.  The one you lost to cancer won’t return.  The broken world we live in right now won’t change until we see Heaven.     So, why not have a good attitude about it?  Why not take the example that Ben sets … find something else to be glad about?  Find a reason to smile and encourage others.

Don’t let whatever seems “bad” in your life, rule your life.

Ben hasn’t.  Camp Travis Coach, Brady says, ”Many times during the week I remember him not wanting help or attention, he did not feel as though his disability limited his ability.  All of the campers that got to know him during the week were blown away with his attitude on life.   I never remember hearing or seeing him act like his disability was a burden. His positive attitude was contagious. ”

And when you look closer at where his attitude spills over too, you will see his brother Ethan.   Younger than Ben, but he takes the same attitude.  He is so proud of his brother … not because of what he can’t do … but because of what he does do.  Ethan is Ben’s biggest fan … and just like his brother, his attitude and the way he supports his brother is contagious.

I sure caught it.  An attitude of gratefulness, an outlook of joy, a view of support.   I have to think,  how can I be contagious in my not so perfect life?

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